Queensbury Avenue, Copford

Project Description

Client:  Private
Location:   Queensbury Avenue, Copford
Year Completed:   2017
Job Type:   Repair & replacement

The Challenges

Customer requested us to replace their pre existing arris railing and 6ft close board cladding to the rear of the property, with a stronger more durable option of 8ft concrete posts, 1ft concrete gravel boards and a 5ft heavy duty close boarded panel; continuing that style and finishing height along the right hand of the property.

Hornbeam Close, Colchester

Project Description

Client: Private
Location: Hornbeam Close, Colchester
Year Completed:   2017
Job Type:   Repair & replacement

The Job

Our customer first contacted Colchester Fencing Ltd because the old chain link fencing was causing a problem with both neighbours dog seeing and barking at each other, and the lack of privacy chain link fencing does not provide. Once the old fence was removed we installed 8ft 4” x 4” pressure treated timber posts and a 6ft close board cladding with gravel boards.